ErmaSmart At Lille (Hauts-de-France 59)

Training production line with stand-alone and modular systems

Project presentation

The Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers (ICAM) in Lille France recently integrated the ErmaSmart didactic teaching line, marking a significant step forward in the training of future automation engineers and technicians. This new installation offers a complete teaching solution, with hands-on, interactive modules enabling total immersion in the field of industrial automation. Students will be able to explore and manipulate systems in packaging and assembly mode. This initiative was made possible thanks to the efforts of Damien Pierdet and Baptiste Cacciuttolo, who supervised the installation and associated training. 

ErmaSmart line composition

The ErmaSmart line can be customised, offering a multitude of possibilities thanks to its five separate stations:

  • The Collaborative 2D “Unscrambler & Screwdriver” : This multi-purpose station can be used to uptake jars and vials in bulk, as well as carrying out assembly and screwing operations. Thanks to its advanced technology, it ensures precise and efficient handling of parts.
  • “Dosaxe” station: This station is dedicated to dosing granules on the fly. It precisely measures the quantity of granules required and distributes them in a controlled manner.
  • The “Collaborative robot for capping & assembly”: This station is designed for capping jars/vials or assembling gear trains. It uses sophisticated mechanisms to ensure hermetic and secure capping, as well as precise assembly of components.
  • The ” XYZ Cartesian robot for Pick&Place” station: This station plays an essential role in packing pots/vials in trays or positioning boxes and pallets. Thanks to its Cartesian handling functions on the three axes (X, Y and Z), it ensures fast, accurate product placement, facilitating the packaging process.
  • The dynamic vertical store : This station provides production storage space and automatic order picking. Thanks to its dynamic vertical system, it optimises the use of space and allows quick and easy access to products.

The ErmaSmart line can be configured according to two main manufacturing processes:

Packaging: For packing pots in trays.

Assembly: for the assembly of epicyclic gearboxes.

The possibility of easily changing processes makes the ErmaSmart line modular and scalable.

Little extras

The ErmaSmart training system is robust (with welded frames and adapted components) and can be assembled, disassembled and switched from one campaign to another. The ErmaSmart line has a scalable structure, so it can be customised to suit your resources. Preparing activities is made easy thanks to the line’s instant start-up.

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