ErmaLean at Chalon-sur-Saône

ErmaLean, the scalable workshop for training apprentices in Lean Manufacturing

Project description

ERM Automatismes recently installed a new Ermalean line at the CFAI in Chalon-sur-Saône (France). This upgradable workshop, comprising five stations and a store, is designed to provide learners with realistic industrial situations. It enables learning activities to be carried out on the application of continuous improvement tools and methodologies, as practiced in an industrial environment. The teaching approach alternates between production phases and periods of performance analysis, using Lean and Six Sigma tools, to reinforce learners’ skills in optimizing industrial processes.

Composition of the ErmaLean line

The ErmaLean training system comprises five scalable manual assembly stations and a raw materials store. Whether straight, L-shaped or U-shaped, the ErmaLean training line adapts perfectly to the working environment in which it is installed.

The assembly stations and storage warehouse can be used in a basic way with paper display systems. In “Lean” mode, screens allow operators to follow step-by-step instructions. This interactive functionality facilitates the assembly process and improves the overall efficiency of the ErmaLean system.

Further information

Several activities are available. For example, the creation and improvement of routings in the Tulip Manufacturing Assistance software. In addition, it is possible to highlight the impact of job balancing, and to measure, analyze and monitor the flows used. Kaizen tools are also included.

The learning process alternates between production phases and analysis periods. In this way, learners can put Lean and Six Sigma tools into practice while analyzing the performance achieved.

Finally, a pedagogical approach, designed by an expert Lean Six Sigma consultant, accompanies the ErmaLean line.

ErmaLean is designed for production students (two-year technical degree, vocational baccalaureate, Insitute of technologies, Universities, Engineering Schools etc…), as well as for continuing education.

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